Safety/Self-Care Plan


Help your clients identify their path to coping and safety! The document is created to use from the time the client begins therapy –>as the client grows their coping skills –> and throughout their therapeutic journey toward symptom management, mental/emotional wellbeing, and recovery. Encourage your clients to update this document monthly or as new skills develop –some clients can even use this as a 1-week challenge OR a plan to get through a specific situation. It can even be used as a baseline for coping behaviors when the client is just getting started! As a therapist you can gain clinical insight as to what skills the client is practicing and what interventions have “stuck” as you watch triggers, warning signs, and coping behaviors evolve. (Helpful hint: The goal is to overtime drill down triggers, increase awareness of early warning signs, and advance distraction and coping skills specific to that client.)


P.S. also helps cover basis of crisis planning and adds a few extra coping/distraction options for the client to use 🙂

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