The Worry Bundle



With our Mindful Moments Activity, your client will be able to learn how to apply emotional regulation skills to their personal life. This resource is perfect to practice grounding, recognize social support systems, reflect on what your client is thankful for, review coping skills, and analyze what can or cannot be controlled.

The My Anxiety Triggers Activity is perfect for assessing what situations trigger anxiety for your client. This tool is excellent for opening up the conversation about what anxiety looks like for your client so you can target their symptoms more effectively.

Sometimes our anxiety and worry manifest itself through physical sensations. With our My Body Knows I’m Worried Activity, you can better understand what physical symptoms your client is having. This activity may be especially useful when working with populations that are more prone to stigma as the physical sensations may be easier to discuss. The My Body Knows I’m Worried Activity is great for discussing the mind-body connection!

Finally, our What Causes Me to Stress Activity is a simple but effective resource to begin an open-ended conversation about stress with your client. At Hub for Helpers, we know your time is valuable, so this activity will help you get the information you need in a quick, inviting way.

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